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Over-Hyped or Underrated? This Trend is Both - Marketing News Canada

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It already seems that the tech trend that’s going to have the greatest impact on the way we all work this year is Artificial Intelligence.

Every year there is one tech-fuelled hype cycle or another, and in each case, the run-up is hyperbolic, and the adoption is slower than anticipated. What varies, however, is the lasting impact that the trend has on "real life." Here are the last 5 “next big thing in tech” trends:

  1. Web 3

  2. VR/AR

  3. Mobile

  4. Social

  5. Cloud Computing

Notice that the farther back we go, the greater the impact and the more obvious the technology. For example: imagine a world without cloud-based storage like Google Drive or applications like Quickbooks or Salesforce?

Today it seems obvious that mobile is the primary way people access information and communicate with each other, but in the days of BlackBerry, it was common for people to laugh at the ridiculous idea that mobile could ever replace the desktop computer.

The jury may still be out on the real impact that VR headsets and Web3 will have, but maybe that’s because they haven’t yet had time to find their use cases and start becoming legitimately useful.

This year we're on the very front of the next hype-cycle, and this one has been coming for a while. Like most overnight sensations, AI is not actually new, it has just now caught mainstream attention because of recent user-friendly interfaces released by companies like OpenAI – you’ve likely heard of their ChatGPT...

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