Friday, February 3, 2023

When Is The Right Time To Do A Content Audit For SEO? - Search Engine Journal

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Traffic plateaus are bound to happen. Here are some considerations for timing, as well as what to check when your content is stuck in a rut.

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Today’s Ask An SEO question comes from Nick, who asks:

“What time period is most useful for a content audit? My traffic changes based on Google Algorithm updates and there is also some seasonality. Should I use one year of performance data to influence my strategy or would it be better to use smaller chunks of data?”

Great question, Nick!

There is no right or wrong answer for when to do a content audit, as each site is unique, but there are signals it is time to do a content review.

And an annual performance audit doesn’t hurt either.

One thing to be careful of is changing things just because you got a temporary ding, a C-suite executive panics because of seasonality, or there are fluctuations during a search engine update.

Many times, when search engines like Google update, they do a rollback, and good content and pages will come back.

Don’t rely on updates as a sign it’s time to audit your content exclusively.

Instead, use these:

  • If traffic has plateaued and good pages that should be ranking are not. (After tech and structure issues have been resolved)
  • Content that was always in the top positions has slipped or started to slip, and your content is equal to the pages...

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