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How to write a blog post that wins in 10 steps - Search Engine Land

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Blog posts are quite possibly the most common content type that exists.

You read them, I read them, we all read them – but which ones actually made an impact on you?

Which blogs gave you useful information? Which ones made you think, or taught you something new?

Most importantly, which drew you closer to the brand that created them?

Ultimately, writing a blog post should accomplish that for your business (or your client’s business).

On top of that, a good blog post written for SEO should pull in ideal traffic from search engines and convert those visitors into leads.

Yep, blogs can and should be profitable. They must stand on their own and work hard behind the scenes.

A well-written blog can be effective and make your reader trust you enough to want to look into your services or products and buy. (It’s happened to me multiple times – one blog was enough to convert someone.)

However, effective blogs that work like this need to be packed with mega value for your particular readers.

How is it done? Let’s talk about how to write a blog post that wins.

Why write blog posts?

First, let’s start with why you should write blog content.

Even today, when content marketing is taking over advertising as a preferred marketing method for both businesses and consumers, some people still underestimate it.

“Do you really need to blog?” they ask. “Does content matter that much?” they wonder.

Yes, 1,000 times yes!

Maintaining a blog on your website with regularly published blog posts is...

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