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What to know about AI in SEO, according to a search expert - Insider Intelligence

Last updated Thursday, January 19, 2023 13:05 ET , Source: NewsService

Last week, Cnet faced criticism for discretely using an AI text generator to write content—which turned out to be full of errors. Cnet is not the only company leveraging AI for clicks. In the same week, Bankrate gained buzz for publishing AI content and Mint Mobile put out a full ad written by ChatGPT.

AI is “for sure the hottest topic in the SEO space,” said Lily Ray, senior director of SEO and head of organic research at Amsive Digital. “But people are still being a little bit careful because we don't know exactly how Google is going to treat this type of content.”

“Don’t do anything drastic.” That’s Ray’s No. 1 piece of advice for marketers looking to game SEO with AI-generated content.

GPT-3 won’t be available for free forever. The tool’s open season has generated an explosion of AI-generated content (and human-generated content about AI-generated content), but eventually, it will come at a price. Don’t overhaul your team before knowing what that will be.

Google could penalize AI-generated content. “[Google has] literally overhauled [its] search quality guidelines to focus more on expertise and experience,” said Ray. That means Google has a renewed focus on human perspectives. “I would focus on that.”

“Google’s always 100 steps ahead” when it comes to weeding out spam content, according to Ray. And though AI content isn’t inherently spam, mass-generated content without fact-checking, editing, or oversight isn’t too far off.

“I just have a hunch that [Google] is...

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