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13 key SEO metrics to track in 2023 - Search Engine Land

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The right SEO metrics to track will depend on your marketing goals. Get started with these useful metrics recommended by top SEO experts.

There’s software to track just about every piece of SEO data. For marketers, this is a blessing and a curse. Access to data helps make savvy marketing decisions and, when analyzed correctly, aids a deeper understanding of users.

That said, having access to data doesn’t necessarily mean you need to monitor it, especially if it’s unhelpful or feels overwhelming.

For this article, I reached out to marketers and SEOs who shared the SEO metrics they’ll be tracking in 2023 and why they’re important.

What are SEO metrics?

SEO metrics are data sets that help determine the success of SEO’s role in digital marketing campaigns.

By analyzing data, marketers can understand how valuable SEO’s contribution to marketing is. It allows marketers to benchmark success and understand what went well and what didn’t.

More importantly, SEO metrics help businesses refine marketing campaigns to steer them toward the delivery of marketing goals.

Some SEO metrics are more useful than others. You might be familiar with the term “vanity metrics,” referring to metrics that might increase with marketing efforts, but do not move the needle for the business. In SEO, vanity metrics might include impressions and even clicks.

But does that mean these metrics aren’t important? No.

The truth is, the metrics you measure will depend on your goals.

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