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Is AI coming for creative jobs? - Prolific North

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ChatGPT, which was released by OpenAI last year, continues to dominate conversations as the online chatbot churns out instantaneous (and often witty) content. But could it replace creative writing jobs?

Here, Julaine Speight, co-owner and marketing director at Altrincham digital marketing agency First Internet, writes about why good content is a process, not a programme.

There’s been quite a lot of chatter about ChatGPT this week.

Unlike some, we have not talked about how tech may replace us all in the dim and distant future. We have not worried that copywriters will become redundant, or content providers obsolete.

What we HAVE talked about, here at First Internet, is the importance of remembering WHY we provide content.

The role of copywriters

The role of the copywriting team here is to work closely with our clients and to really get under the skin of their products, services and business objectives, before helping to identify the marketing objectives, and drill down into how digital is part of the whole mix.

It means taking time to research the audience, know its priorities - and realise how those priorities fit into ever-changing cultures, and could be impacted by constantly fluid trends. It is then to provide copy and content that targets that audience, incorporates key messages and fits in with the overall client brand voice. And is interesting to read. AND will still be approved by Google.

It's the last point that we find particularly interesting. There’s so much...

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