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The Pakistan Logistics Market is expected to grow owing to attention of various multinational companies and ad - openPR

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Press release
Pakistan Logistics Market is at growing stage and has fragmented market with about 300+ Logistics Company. The industry has witnessed an emergence of more than 50 players over the past years with Fed Ex and DHL emerging as market leaders.
Key Findings
Government initiated Vision 2025 to create an efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly logistics system in accordance with regional and international perspectives which will boost the Pakistan Logistics Industry.
Development of six logistics corridors, including major transport and cargo systems, such as roads and rivers linking to border gates and ports will stimulate economic growth of the country.
Emerging needs for the supply chain: Pakistan's logistic industry is still very young, but one with great potential. With many multinational companies recognizing that possibility, an opportunity for Pakistan's logistic sector to grow is a given. A constant need for supply chain management is rising rapidly, which, if adequately shaped, will stand firm in the coming future. Its need is something that cannot be avoided. Thus, over time, more and more companies will notice the importance of the supply chain and logistics factors and adapt to the model. That being said, in the coming years, Pakistan's logistics industry is bound to grow in leaps and bounds.
Paving the way with Agro-industry: Another aspect that will guarantee the growth of the logistics industry in Pakistan is its agro-industry. Pakistan is...

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