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Lesson for Pakistan: China is Using AI to Provide Instant Justice - ProPakistani

Last updated Monday, January 23, 2023 04:05 ET , Source: TopWireNews

In China, many legal matters are in the hands of artificial intelligence. Although it streamlines the process for small claims and misdemeanors, there are concerns about automating complicated cases.
China continues to pour massive resources into developing artificial intelligence that will have a greater reach into everyday life and functions of the state. Now, even Chinese courts are using AI to assist with making legal decisions.
A court in the city of Hangzhou located south of Shanghai started employing AI in 2019. The judge’s assistant program called Xiao Zhi 3.0, or “Little Wisdom,” first assisted in a trial of 10 people who had failed to repay bank loans.
Previously, it would have taken 10 separate trials to settle the issue, but with Xiao Zhi 3.0, all the cases were resolved in one hearing with one judge and a decision was available in just 30 minutes.
At first, Xiao Zhi 3.0 took over repetitive tasks such as announcing court procedures during hearings.
Now, the technology is used to record testimony with voice recognition, analyze case materials, and verify information from databases in real time.
Xiao Zhi 3.0 is mainly used in cases involving simple financial disputes. However, similar technology has been applied by a court in Suzhou to settle disputes over traffic accidents. AI examined evidence and wrote the verdicts, sparing the judge’s time.
Xiao Baogong Intelligent Sentencing Prediction System, another legal AI platform, is also used by judges and...

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