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So You’re Telling Me TikTok Is Becoming a Search Hub? - Little Black Book - LBBonline

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Lindsay Goedert and Elena MacGurn at Digitas on TikTok’s future in the world of search: Clues & DejaVus

TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity stirred up the world of Search, prompting heated discussions about how to future-proof optimisation strategies. After a Google exec recently mentioned that almost 40% of young people are turning to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place for lunch, some industry pundits went as far as calling TikTok the 'New Google'. How likely is this future TikTok to topple the old-timey Goliath? Are they even trying to compete with Google, or is TikTok building their own niche of social marketing and e-commerce engagement? Right now TikTok is riding high. They are like a promising young graduate who has entered the job market, and the future seems bright. Consider the many different possibilities for this platform, as we ponder the impact of TikTok’s continued evolution.

What Is a Search Engine Anyway? Specialty vs Ubiquity

There is a reason so many gen z-ers flee to TikTok to look for anything from new recipes to fashion recommendations. Searching on TikTok is a highly engaging experience with short and snackable videos catered to fun trends and user likes. This type of engagement is contained within a single platform, much like the linear search results we see on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Amazon. All of these platforms are powerful search engines in their own right, each with their own distinct area of...

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