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Collecting Interpretations from leading marketers, this report provides reliable insights into Pakistan’s growing influencer industry
The explore page of any Pakistani Instagram user is flooded with thousands of influencers posting bits of their lives, endorsing products and even offering different advice to the people that follow them. Amongst all this consumption we rarely ever get to explore all that goes behind this massive influencer industry, however, Walee, Pakistan’s largest Influencer Marketing Platform has just released Pakistan’s first Influencer Industry Insights Report 2021-22.
Analyzing over 7 million data points, the Walee influencer industry report showcases a 12-month summary highlighting the top 10 performers in multiple dimensions such as brands, industries, campaigns, influencers and even genders. The report is a treat not only for influencers but also those that want to learn more about Pakistan’s influencer marketing industry and its dynamics.
Listing down the top 10 performers of 14 different dimensions, the report is divided into three categories namely the Industry Insights, Brand Lense, and Campaign & Creators.
Industry Insights:
The industry insight section of the Walee influencer industry report summarizes, defines and ranks industries that use Instagram influencers as a medium of marketing. This section contains four different top 10 lists.
These include industries with most influencer campaigns, industries with the best performing...

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