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Is ChatGPT going to replace your digital marketing team? - Bizcommunity.com

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If you work in digital marketing, copywriting, or SEO and you have been on LinkedIn this year, there is no doubt in my mind that you have seen multiple posts related to ChatGPT. More specifically, how ChatGPT is going to replace you as a digital marketer, copywriter, or SEO.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can converse and write in a manner that resembles that of a human. It can produce new words, sentences, stories, and questions as well as their answers. It functions somewhat like a magic pen that speeds up writing and gives it a more convincingly human tone. Basically, ChatGPT guesses the fourth word after every three words, based on a huge data set containing billions of words of text. 570GB of text to be more specific.

How to use ChatGPT as a digital marketing tool?

ChatGPT is a game changing tool, but is it really going to replace humans?

I’ve spent the last two months taking a deep dive into ChatGPT. I will admit that at least, in part, my research started, to determine whether or not ChatGPT could replace me as an SEO and digital marketer. I also wanted to see if this tool was really useful, and if I could deploy it and make it part of my daily workflow.

And boy, has it become part of my daily workflow.

ChatGPT will not replace human SEOs

ChatGPT is an incredibly intuitive bot. Even when I just started using the AI, I was amazed at how conversational my use of ChatGPT was. The more my use resembled dialog, the better the text that ChatGPT generated. It’s still far from...

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