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Why ORM Matters for Restaurants - Modern Restaurant Management

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In the digital age, online reputation management is critical for business success. Many depend on social media reviews and posts about a particular restaurant before deciding whether they will dine there or not.

Nearly half of your market depends on social media comments for their restaurant reviews. A survey conducted by MGH Advertising found that 45 percent of American diners said they tried a restaurant for the first time precisely because of a positive post on social media, while another 21 percent said they actively avoided a restaurant because of a negative post.

This creates the necessity for restaurant reputation management strategies to amplify positive reputation while downplaying negative criticism.

What ORM Does For Your Business

Online reputation management (ORM) is crucial for any restaurant that wants to keep a steady stream of customers coming in. The internet is vast, and you must be on top of any mention of your brand.

  • ORM gives you direct access to customer feedback.

Customers are more likely to give honest reviews to third-party sites than your own site or customer survey forms. If you want to know how the new dish really tasted, or how the public perceives your restaurant’s rebranding, check independent review sites.

  • ORM helps you gain customer trust.

When your brand receives more positive versus negative reviews, customers are more likely to flock to your restaurant than to the competition. Even if there are negative reviews, they will trust your...

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