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Resolve to get SEO done in 2023 – Here's how - Search Engine Land

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Millions of people make new year’s resolutions every year, and most fail within the first month. This is not unlike the SEO work we hoped to do last year, but didn’t get done.

Well-meaning businesses often find that there is more work than they expected when they set out on their SEO journey. So they fail for various reasons – lack of buy-in, effort, and so on.

In 2023, resolve to get SEO implemented so that you actually have a chance to compete in the search results. Here are five resolutions to overcome common obstacles to SEO success.

SEO resolution 1: Have a vision you can share

Pointing to an SEO audit and saying, “we have to do this,” is not a strategy. You need to be able to discuss the high-level vision for your SEO program.

This may include things like:

Why you want to make SEO a key initiative

What trends are happening that show SEO as a key marketing activity today? Maybe the fact that there are 5.9 million searches on Google every minute?

The bottom line: It’s not really a question of if you should be on a platform used by almost the entire U.S. population, but do you want to beat the competitors and gain your fair share of organic search revenue?

What goals and KPIs you will set

Show that you’ve thought about the goals you intend to reach and the KPIs you will measure along the way.

How you will you get there

Exactly what are the steps needed to get the program up and running? And whom will you need support from?

SEO resolution 2: Get real buy-in

Do you really...

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