Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Should Pakistan’s Agri-tech Startups Pivot to Carbon Marketplaces? - ProPakistani

Last updated Thursday, August 17, 2023 08:05 ET

The world is falling short of the climate goals set under the 2015 Paris Agreement as we enter the era of ‘global boiling’ as United Nations has put it.
It’s increasing the need for more disruptive technologies in this fight for the future and carbon credits have been touted as one of these games changing solutions that can tip the balance in our favour.
On the other hand, Pakistan’s startup ecosystem, once fueled by a surge of venture funding but not indifferent to the global economic slowdown, is finding itself navigating some stormy waters while agri-tech is already built on attempting technology penetration through an economic class of late majority adopters.
It’s not just about handing over devices or setting up technology infrastructure that the country lacks, it’s about changing a mindset that needs a lot more time and capital in R&D than available in the system at the moment. Carbon markets can provide suitable breathing space to startups by unlocking more climate-based financing and a much-needed revenue stream in the near future. So, we talked with industry stakeholders about the need and potential of such a pivot into this emerging market.
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