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How to change region on Google Search - Tom's Guide

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Knowing how to change your search region on Google Search can be super handy. If, for example, you don't have access to one of the best VPN services on the computer or device you're using, but you still want to see what are the top Google search results in another region, switching your search region will allow you to do so.

This comes into play if you're in a job (like mine) where you need to evaluate search results for different regions for SEO purposes. It can also come in handy if you're visiting a different region, perhaps for vacation, and want search results tailored to the place you're in at the time.

We'd still recommend also investing in a top VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, as this will provide a range of other benefits, such as added browsing security and the ability to view localized media that may otherwise be region locked.

However, if you want to just quickly change your Google Search region to view another country's results, it's super easy. Here's how.


Tom's Guide

How to change your search region on Google Search

The following method should work on both desktop and mobile browsers.

1. Head to google.com and click Settings

Head to whichever Google Search homepage you use, such as google.com or google.co.uk. Now select Settings — this will be in the bottom right in a desktop browser, and roughly the bottom middle in a mobile browser.

2. Select Search settings

From the menu that pops up, select Search...

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