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The Benefits Of Choosing An Agency That Only Uses White Hat SEO Techniques - Deadline News

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No two SEO agencies are created equal and that’s not just down to how much they charge or how consistent they are at delivering superior results – but in their methodologies.

In this article we’re going to look at the benefits of working with an agency that only relies on white hat SEO techniques.

Let’s get stuck right in…

What is meant by ‘white hat’ SEO?

White hat SEO refers to any methodologies that help to improve your search engine rankings on a SERP (search engine results page) without compromising the integrity of your website. In other words, remaining within the bounds of the search engine’s terms of service – as defined by Google.

Black hat SEO, as you may have already guessed, refers to any techniques that are in clear violation of Google’s search engine guidelines. For example, buying thousands of backlinks or masking keywords on a web page.

And finally there’s grey hat SEO, which simply refers to a combination of both white hat and black hat methods (e.g., writing high quality content but paying for lots of links to point at it).

What are the benefits of working with an SEO agency that only uses white hat techniques?

Now that we have a clear understanding of what white, black, and grey hat SEO are, what are the benefits of working with an SEO agency that only uses white hat techniques?

  • There’s no risk of penalization: the first and most obvious benefit of all is the fact that there is zero risk of penalization when you work with an above board SEO agency....

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