Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AI booster Paul Graham complains of rise in web content that's 'AI generated SEO bait' - Business Insider India

Last updated Thursday, September 7, 2023 17:02 ET , Source: NewsService

  • The rise of generative AI has been lauded by major figures in tech like Paul Graham.
  • A rapid expansion of AI tools is affecting the way the web looks and is used.

Even the tech industry's most noted figures are getting irked by the ways generative AI is capable of degrading reliable and quality content on the web.

Paul Graham, a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of famed startup accelerator Y Combinator, on Friday took to X, the app formerly known as Twitter, to complain that a web search of even straightforward questions is being muddied by content that is unclear, in authorship or word, or otherwise can't be trusted.

"I'm looking up a topic online (how hot a pizza oven should be) and I've noticed I'm looking at the dates of the articles to try to find stuff that isn't AI-generated SEO-bait," Graham griped on X.

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It's a shift in tone for the VC. Only a few weeks ago, he praised AI as "the exact opposite of a solution in search of a problem." Instead, he said AI is "the solution to far more problems than its developers even knew existed." He's also called AI "the first big wave of technology" in many years and suggested ways public market investors could get invest in startups that are still...

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