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Shahmeer Amir: A Young Entrepreneur Boosting Pakistan's Tech ... - ProPakistani

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Shahmeer Amir is a remarkable figure in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. He is known for his innovative ideas, his ability to represent the field, and his impressive achievements.
Shahmeer has had an incredible journey, with an impressive portfolio as the CEO of Younite, Authiun, and Veiliux. He has also achieved great success as the third-ranked bug bounty hunter globally, which speaks for his dedication, expertise, and groundbreaking achievements.
Shahmeer Amir has been instrumental in showcasing Pakistan’s expertise and potential in the cybersecurity field on a global level. He has consistently pushed boundaries and overcome geographical limitations to make sure that Pakistan’s contributions are acknowledged worldwide.
Shahmeer’s exceptional skills have led him to represent Pakistan at some of the most prestigious cybersecurity conferences around the world. He has made a lasting impression on every stage he has stepped onto.Shahmeer’s journey in advocating for cybersecurity has been truly amazing. He has been invited to important conferences because of his valuable contributions. At these conferences, he has shared his knowledge and perspectives, showcasing the impressive skills of Pakistan’s cybersecurity community.
Shahmeer has achieved something truly remarkable in his journey at such a young age – he was chosen as a keynote speaker at prestigious conferences such as FIC Europe, Blackhat MEA, Nordic IT Security, GiSec and many more.
Shahmeer had the...

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