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What is SEO Poisoning? - Check Point Software - Check Point Software

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to practices used to make a webpage rank more highly in a search engine. Each major search engine — Google, Bing, etc. — has an algorithm to determine which sites make it to the top of a user’s search results and which are condemned to pages 2 and lower.

SEO poisoning is a set of black-hat SEO techniques designed to take advantage of these search engine algorithms to promote malicious web pages. If an attacker can design their web page so that it ranks highly on Google or Bing, then users are more likely to trust and visit the website. This allows the attacker to push malware or other malicious content on these sites.

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How SEO Poisoning Works

SEO algorithms rank web pages based on various factors, such as the use of keywords and backlinks. To target specific industries or users, these malicious sites may target keywords that their targets are likely to search. Additionally, attackers may use techniques such as typosquatting to appear similar to other, trusted sites that the targets are likely to visit. Finally, attackers may use black-hat SEO tactics, which are unethical methods of raising a page’s range within a search engine’s results.

Once an attacker has tricked a user into visiting the website, their goal is to get the user to download and install a file. Attackers use various deceptive tactics, disguising their malware as fake office software, games, and other useful programs. These trojans will have...

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