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3 ways to boost your site's SEO right now - Komando

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Search engine optimization (SEO) feels like magic if you don’t know how it works. Google’s algorithm determines what makes it to page one of any particular search — and the traffic flies in.

Fun fact: That algorithm is called RankBrain (I know, quite a name). Why doesn’t Google post all the secrets online? Aside from protecting its secret sauce, Google wants to protect against people having too much info to game the system.

It’s called ‘Google bombing’

That’s the term used to describe manipulating search results for a specific outcome. In many cases, it’s political. (Not talking politics, promise.)

In 2003, searches for “miserable failure” brought up the official biography of then-President George W. Bush as the top result. In July 2018, a search for “idiot” returned images of then-President Donald Trump.

So, what can you do to climb the rankings?

The exact algorithm remains a closely guarded secret, but there are a ton of tested strategies you can try to help your site rank higher.

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The power of keywords

Keywords are as important as ever, especially with the rise of voice search. You can’t just guess what terms people will use to get to your site, though. Tools like Google Keyword Planner (free) or Semrush (starting at $130 per month) can help you identify relevant keywords.

Pro tip: Start with free software or try out a paid version, and...

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