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Competition In The SEO Job Market And How To Succeed - Search Engine Journal

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SEO is just as essential as ever in building a powerful marketing strategy.

And as the industry continues to evolve, the competition for SEO jobs is heating up.

As more newcomers enter the SEO field – and as that field continues to be transformed by emerging technologies – jobs are becoming harder to come by.

Our State Of SEO (SOS) report found that SEO pros with less than five years of experience are the most concerned about the competition for talent right now.

The report findings suggest high competition for entry and junior-level roles at organizations, pushing newer SEO pros to strike out on their own.

In this article, we’ll explore what the SEO career landscape looks like today, the challenges faced by both new and experienced SEO professionals in this market, and offer strategies to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The SEO Career Landscape

The SEO industry is always growing and changing, which is likely why so many marketers continue to choose it as their specialization of choice.

But this means that the race for job opportunities is fierce – and SEO pros know it.

We asked respondents to our State Of SEO report where they thought the biggest shifts in the overall SEO industry would come from.

These three concerns effectively tied for the top slot, with competition for talent eking out a slight lead:

  • Competition for talent.
  • Generative AI & AI.
  • Google updates.

Notably, competition for talent is the foremost concern for those getting established in the...

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