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Blog / Ultimate Guide to iFrame SEO

How do you encourage people to stay on your website?

Make your pages as exciting and engaging as possible.

iFrames are an easy and convenient way to make your pages interactive and fun. Grab the HTML code, add it to your site, and you’re good to go!

However, are iFrames SEO friendly? There’s a lot of debate as to whether you should use them or not.

In this post, I’ll review if iFrames are bad for SEO, how Google handles iFrames, and best practices for iFrames and SEO.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame (or inline frame) is a piece of HTML code that lets you embed a piece of content within a webpage (known as the ‘parent page’).

Think of an iFrame like the picture-in-picture TVs you can get that allow you to watch two different shows at the same time!

You can use iFrames to embed content from trusted platforms into your website. By a trusted platform, I mean one that is secure, reliable, and well-known, like Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Microsoft.

I use iFrames in my articles to showcase relevant videos from my YouTube channel, meaning viewers can watch videos while staying on the blog.

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