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7 Key Metrics In Measuring Content Effectiveness

You’ll also learn the ways to measure consumer demand for your content, and what your conversion rates can tell you about the quality of your content.

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The keyword is both dying and thriving right now.

They are instrumental in providing direction for our strategies.

Additionally, they are a core component of how the most popular form of digital marketing (search) functions.

However, their mechanics have undeniably changed over the years.

Visual content is rising in popularity, and audiences are pushing ahead as a major targeting source.

This post will explore the history of the keyword, its current state, and whether it will retain its relevance or gradually fade into obscurity.

It will not pass judgment on how keywords are used in today’s marketing strategies.

However, we will explore aspects that folks continue to use in spite of depreciating utility.

A Look Back: The Journey Of Keywords

Historical Mechanics Of Keywords

In the past, keywords had a very specific role. Each keyword represented a unique idea, corresponding to specific user queries.

For example, the phrases “dog walker,” “dog walking,” and “walk the dog” would all be treated as different ideas. This allowed us to bid on how people think and search.

Traditionally, keywords behave as our representatives in the auction every time a user enters a query.

Based on the bid and quality score, we receive an ad rank, which determines where the ad will...

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