Tuesday, September 26, 2023

SEO Link Building Techniques That Work in 2024 - The Good Men Project

Last updated Wednesday, September 13, 2023 00:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Link building remains one of the most effective strategies for enhancing website authority and improving organic search rankings.

However, the tactics that succeed today differ from those that may have been popular in past years. It’s essential to understand and employ modern, white-hat techniques that search engines endorse.

Let’s delve into the most effective link-building techniques for 2024 and support our claims with pertinent statistics.

1. Quality Content is Still King


Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute)

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. (Content Marketing Institute)

71% of marketers report that content marketing has become more important to their organization in the last year. (Content Marketing Institute)


Research Your Audience: Understand your audience’s pain points, needs, and preferences.

Long-form Content: Comprehensive articles, typically over 1,500 words, tend to garner more links.

Include Visuals: Images, charts, and videos make content more engaging and shareable.

Update Regularly: Keep your content current. Update outdated articles with fresh data and insights.

2. Guest Posting on Relevant Blogs


Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages. (TechClient)

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. (HubSpot)

71% of bloggers say SEO is the most important source of traffic (Orbit Media).

87% of bloggers come...

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