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A 6-minute process to diagnose E-E-A-T issues - Search Engine Land

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E-E-A-T is the buzzword on the streets of SEO.

We talk about it, repeat it, say it to clients.

But even though we know what it is, do we really understand how to both diagnose and fix E-E-A-T issues?

Let’s find out.

Common E-E-A-T issues

Where do you start to diagnose issues relating to experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness?

The first thing is to take a deep gulp and head to Google Trends.

Whack in your brand name and see what comes up.

Nothing? OK, that’s telling you that you haven’t made a dent in search. Now, being really honest, that’s not uncommon.

But it should serve as a reality check that you need to do more brand marketing to be searched for by a large enough volume to show up on trends.

This isn’t really an SEO job. It comes down to a mix of internal budget and marketing activity.

Good marketing creates a solid link and mentions network around your business website.

But we’ll come back to this later.

E-E-A-T is a brand thing

Once you’ve recovered from that sting, head to the SERP and type in your brand name.

What shows up?

A knowledge panel?


Or just your website or socials?

Fingers crossed all of the above, but also, it depends on your brand name.

If your brand name doesn’t show up, type in your brand name plus what you do.

So you’d search ‘brand name’ + it’s core activity, such as ‘Smiths Accountant’s’.

If that doesn’t work, you’ve got brand issues, but generally, that’ll work.

Don’t choke on what you E-E-A-T

The thing with...

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