Monday, September 25, 2023

Pakistan’s estimated $6 trillion mineral treasure trove ripe for US FDIs: Masood Khan - The News International

Last updated Thursday, September 14, 2023 22:02 ET

CONNECTICUT: “An estimated $6 trillion mineral treasure trove of Pakistan is ripe for leading US firms to invest and reap dividends of a lucrative market of the region,” said Pakistan’s top envoy to the United States.
“Our focused approach on improving ease of doing business, ensuring business friendly regulatory regime and providing one-window solutions guarantees profitable business ventures to leading US and other foreign investors,” he said.
“Time has come to transform our decades long relationship into a multifaceted economic partnership for the mutual benefit of our people and the region,” he continued. Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks during his meeting with a group of State Senators and Representatives of Connecticut State legislature in Hartford on last day of his two-day visit to the state. The group included State Senator Tony Hwang, State Senator Henri Martin, State Rep. Tim Ackert, State Rep. Tom Delnicki, State Rep. Mark Anderson, State Rep. Cooley, and Rocky Hill Mayor Lisa Marotta.
“The world is facing a huge challenge of supply chain disruptions in critical, high-tech manufacturing. Pakistan offered proven reserves of mineral resources required for manufacturing of high-tech components like chips and semiconductors,” he said.
He said that the leading economies of the world were focusing on friend-shoring and on-shoring of high-tech manufacturing that required sustainable and dependable supply of raw materials and “Pakistan could be an ideal source...

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