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Watch: Pakistani locals laud India's G20 Summit, question Islamabad’s foreign policy, ‘The world has sidelined us’ | Mint - Mint

Last updated Thursday, September 14, 2023 04:02 ET

As India concludes its successful hosting of the 18th G20 Leaders' Summit, voices from Pakistan offer commendation for India's organisation of the global event. Held in the capital's high-tech Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan on September 9-10, the summit has been hailed as a triumph, not just domestically but also among individuals across the border.
The high-level assembly saw participation from over 30 countries, including heads of state and international delegates. One of the summit's main outcomes was the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration, a comprehensive document touching upon several global issues.
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The summit also alluded to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, though it stopped short of direct condemnation.
From a Karachi resident's perspective, India's effective hosting of the summit signals not only an honour for the nation but also a potentially significant economic boost. This sentiment contradicts the usual rivalry between the neighbouring countries and acknowledges India's growing importance on the world stage.
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“When heads of the top 20 countries visit a country, it is an honour for that nation. Indian economy will derive many benefits out of it (G20)," a Pakistani local told ANI.
In Lahore, the narrative was more complex. Although the successful organisation of the summit was praised,...

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