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Bridging the digital divide: These tech projects are empowering global inclusion - Business Today

Last updated Monday, September 18, 2023 06:02 ET

The pandemic created a surge in internet use when 466 million people went online for the first time in 2020
Globally, progress has been made on digital inclusion but more action is needed from public and private sector organizations
Technology will be key to achieving this, alongside efforts to increase digital literacy and ensure affordability and accessibility
In today's interconnected world, digital technology has become synonymous with opportunity, shaping education, healthcare, employment, and civic engagement. The pandemic, while exacerbating existing inequalities, also contributed to increasing adoption of digital technologies. During 2020, 466 million people adopted the internet, with a 7 per cent global user increase and 6 per cent rise in adoption during 2021-2022.
Strides have been made in providing equitable access to education, health, and finance, particularly in the developing world's marginalized communities. Yet, governments and private sector organisations must collaborate to scale efforts and bridge the persistent digital gap between the developed and developing world.
Projects helping to close the digital divide:
While 1.3 billion children lack home internet access and only half of the world's schools are online, initiatives like Giga, in partnership with UNICEF and ITU, connected 2.1 million students across 5,500 schools, prioritising Africa, Latin America, and parts of South Asia. Roadblocks such as lack of funding, partnerships, and expertise hinder...

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