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TikTok Makes its Presence Felt But Google Still Dominates - AdWorld

Last updated Monday, September 18, 2023 06:02 ET , Source: NewsService

The world of search is changing. Once dominated by Google, developments in AI and the growing footprint of rival platforms like TikTok are threatening to upend the market. But don’t expect Google to give up without a fight, writes Shane Foley, social strategy director, Core.

“I’ll Google it” is a common phrase heard when people are curious.

Google has been the dominant force in the search engine market for the past quarter of a century and has always been synonymous with online search.

However, the past decade has shown us that competition for attention will rise and start to challenge the status quo. In the past, there have been attempts at competition in the search engine market from players such as Bing or Duck Duck Go! However, Google’s latest challenger is not a traditional search engine competitor but a social media network.

TikTok has swept the world by storm and became the fastest social network to reach one billion users globally. In a short space of time, TikTok’s influence can be seen throughout the digital ecosystem with format copycats on Facebook, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Now we are beginning to see this influence take shape on the search landscape.

A recent survey from Search Engine Land also reveals that 51% of Gen Z females prefers TikTok over Google for search. This trend highlights the growing influence of TikTok in shaping Gen Z’s information consumption habits.

How is TikTok challenging the Search Market?

TikTok prioritise the users’...

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