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How to Leverage the SEO Skyscraper Technique for Success - NeilPatel.com

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On average, the number one result on a search engine results page (SERP) gets 39.8 percent of clicks. That’s double what the second result gets (18.7 percent) and four times as much as the third result (10.2 percent).

What do the top results on a SERP typically have in common?

They often have the greatest number of backlinks, or at least a high number of quality backlinks.

Just take a look at this first SERP position for the keyword “digital marketing”:

Per Ubersuggest’s Traffic Overview tool, you can see just how many backlinks the URL has:

How do you think those backlinks are achieved?

There is no doubt that many backlinks are built organically. That is, a website publishes a post that is so good that websites naturally find it and link to it from their website. It’s link building 101, really.

The truth is, though, that’s not how most backlinks are achieved. Instead, it often takes intentional work from digital marketers to build their link profile. One way to achieve this is with the Skyscraper Technique.

Simply put, if you aren’t currently using the Skyscraper Technique to build your link profile, your competitors likely are.

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In this post, I’ll explain how the Skyscraper Technique works and why you...

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