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SERP Volatility: What You Need To Know - Search Engine Journal

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Search engine results page (SERP) volatility occurs when there are some major fluctuations in the search engine rankings over a period of time.

When there is an elevated level of volatility, the search engine rankings are in disarray and constantly changing.

A low level of volatility means that the rankings are stable.

Think of it like the weather.

When it’s going to rain and thunderstorm, you might encounter issues if you want to fly or go on a road trip. When the weather is nice, clear, and sunny, it’s a wonderful day to fly or go for a ride and enjoy the scenery.

Why Is SERP Volatility Important?

As SEO pros, we spend a lot of time making sure our clients increase visibility, revenue, traffic, and sales year over year, quarter over quarter, and month over month.

We must pay attention to the SERP volatility because it can impact our client’s visibility and performance.

All brands depend on non-branded and branded keywords to drive traffic, conversions, and business value – and if your site experiences a steep decline in visibility because the SERPs are volatile, guess what? You’re going to have a bad day or week, depending on how long it lasts, and likely a big loss...

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