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Vlog #247: Chris Long on Improving Technical SEO Skills & Playing ... - Search Engine Roundtable

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In part one, we learned about Chris Long and his experience working with Bill Slawski. Then, in part two, we spoke about helping people with SEO on LinkedIn and using Facebook for a career change. Then, in part three, we spoke about SEO strategy and SEO testing. In part four, we talked about SEO for e-commerce sites. In this last part, part five, we talk about improving your technical SEO skills and playing offense SEO.

Chris started more on the content SEO side of things and was not great at technical SEO early on but he learned it over the years and became a real pro at technical SEO. At Go Fish Digital he had to do more technical SEO tasks and dove in right away.

Chris said you need to force yourself to get that experience, start by doing a Screaming Frog crawl on a large site and analyze e-commerce sites. Just dig in, even if you don’t understand everything, just start. He just read a lot about technical SEO and re-studied the same information over and over again until he understood it completely. Don’t stop reading and learning, don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know today. Force yourself to be uncomfortable.

We briefly spoke about how Google stopped looking at the pure HTML but rather the rendered HTML page back 10 years ago.

Chris then spoke about offensive SEO versus defensive SEO. He said many SEOs act in a defensive way as opposed to being offensive about it. Instead of reacting to SEO issues, be proactive about your SEO. Chris ran off a ton of examples...

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