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Blog / What’s the Average Core Web Vital Score for E-Commerce Stores?

Core Web Vitals aren’t going anywhere, and page experience is becoming more important with each day. So important, in fact, that when a site meets the Core Web Vitals thresholds, research shows that users were 24 percent less likely to abandon page load.

If you feel like you’re behind the pack when it comes to Core Web Vitals (CWV), you’re not alone. There are many websites, including e-commerce stores, that struggle to achieve passing Core Web Vitals scores.

Which part of CWV is tripping up e-commerce stores the most?

In this post, I’ll highlight the common shortcomings of a few major e-commerce stores so you can find inspiration for improving your own store.

Why Core Web Vitals Matter for E-Commerce

Google’s Core Web Vitals were first released in March of 2020. According to Google, it was released to “provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.”

That does include what you commonly think when you hear “user experience,” like accessibility and ease of navigation. Your Core Web Vitals score also measures more complex metrics.

To have CWV explained further—including those that cover visibility, interactivity, and visual stability—you can check out my in-depth guide on the topic.

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