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Speaker connects violence faced by transgender people in Pakistan ... - Virginia Tech

Last updated Tuesday, October 31, 2023 02:02 ET

From: Center for Internation Research, Education, and Development
The 2023 Women and Gender in International Development Discussion Series is concluding with an eye-opening talk titled “Gendered Negotiation of Urban Spaces Among Transgender Persons in Pakistan: Dismantling the Colonial Binary.”
Time: Thursday, Nov. 9, at 12:30 p.m.
Place: The Newman Library Goodall Room
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The speaker is Sana Illahe, a professor of race, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Illahe’s recent Ph.D. led her to interview transgender people in Pakistan. Illahe, originally from Pakistan, observed her interviewees' environment and heard firsthand accounts of the daily struggles and experiences this marginalized group faces navigating urban spaces. Following three different stories of victory, defeat, resilience, and survival, Illahe’s research showcases everyday negotiation of gender-based violence geared toward transgender people in the urban spaces of Pakistan.
Illahe says her talk “is an opportunity for Virginia Tech staff and faculty to learn about a marginalized group they may not be familiar with. Moreover, there are parallels between transgender populations in both the U.S. and Pakistan. We all need to be aware of and talk about the everyday ways that we are violating transgender people’s rights.”
The talk will be held Thursday, Nov. 9, at 12:30 p.m. in the Goodall Room and via Zoom. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper...

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