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How To Write A Headline: 10 Tips For Getting It Right - Search Engine Journal

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As digital marketers and brands everywhere struggle for user attention online, the headline is perhaps one of the most important tools at our disposal.

And though crafting a perfect headline might sound easy, there are many considerations that go into getting it right.

To help your content creation, we’ll uncover the secrets of writing headlines that people actually want to click – and that will drive traffic to your content.

We’ll look at the significance of the headline and some common mistakes people make before diving into 10 tips for writing headlines that deliver.

Let’s get started.

How Important Is The Headline?

In the world of content marketing, the headline reigns supreme.

Your headline is the first point of interaction a reader has with your piece of content, and it often determines whether or not someone decides to click through and learn more, or to continue scrolling and potentially never think of your brand again.

Content marketing is more competitive than ever.

Users are producing 70 million new posts per month on WordPress alone – and with so many brands and individuals creating so much content, it’s a struggle to even get your headlines in front of people.

But once they see it, it’s imperative that your headline compels them to engage...

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