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Blog / Don’t Mistake Audience Size for Revenue Potential

When I was newer to marketing, I optimized my marketing around reach.

From how many likes I got to how many people read my articles, to how many visitors I got.

And as everyone already knows, what matters most is revenue, not reach.

However, when you look at what marketers are doing around the web, they still optimize for the sheer number of likes, followers, and engagement.

Even while knowing that it won’t necessarily appeal to their ideal customer.

Yet they still create content that tends to be more generic so they can accomplish vanity goals like follower counts.

But what makes it worse is most marketers don’t realize this. Because it’s not always clear…

Optimizing for audience

Before I break down some examples that aren’t so clear…

Here are some easy ones.

Back in 2016, I wrote an article for Entrepreneur Magazine that did well. It was called, “Is It Worth Flying Business Class? What I Learned by Spending $180,954.38 on Airfare”.

And I wrote other similar articles like what I learned from spending $162,000 on clothes.

And the list goes on and on.

These articles did extremely well, some received well over a hundred thousand visitors, and some were closer to the 300,000 visitor mark.

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