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The rise of Google followership: Unlocking visibility on Google's surfaces - Search Engine Land

Last updated Wednesday, November 29, 2023 11:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Google is no longer just a search engine. It is adopting social signals that increasingly impact content visibility across Google surfaces like Search, News and YouTube.

This shift requires brands to rethink what it means to do SEO today and beyond.

The article explores how Google is expanding into a surface ecosystem, why followership matters for visibility, and some initial ideas for brands looking to increase followers on Google.

Google’s shifting focus: From search to discovery

In the past four years, Google has undergone fundamental shifts:

  • From answers to journeys.
  • From search queries to queryless search.
  • From text to visuals.

Google has transformed itself from a search engine to a surface ecosystem that focuses on anticipating and satisfying users’ needs, enabling it to reach and influence people before they need to search.

Think of the number of influential surfaces beyond the traditional SERPs. Google is now a:

  • Ecommerce player with Google Lens, Shopping and Buy on Google functionality.
  • Business directory with Google Maps.
  • Aggregator in multiple industries with Google News, Google for Jobs, and Google Travel.
  • Personal assistant, especially with the upcoming integration of Bard into Google Assistant.

Yet, the key functionality with the potential to greatly impact every brand and shape future visibility across all surfaces is Google’s hidden social networking feature.

Google is a powerful social network

The Perspectives tab may highlight other social network...

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