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Google Ads gambling and games policy updated - Search Engine Land

Last updated Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Google Ads is updating its gambling and games policy U.S. country-specifics.

Starting Dec. 12, Google announced it will start accepting and running Ads from:

  • Sports betting from state-approved entities in Vermont.
  • Lottery-couriers (who must provide a state license) in Arkansas, Montana, New Jersey and New York.

You must apply for certification to be eligible to promote these ads.

Why we care. Advertisers who want to run these sports betting ads or lottery courier ads should apply for certification now to be ready to start advertising soon.

Certification. To obtain certification, follow these steps if you meet Google’s policy and country-specific requirements:

  • Privately-licensed operators: If you are based in one of the countries where Google permits online gambling content, fill out the online gambling application form in the Google Ads Help Center. Providing all the requested information will help prevent delays.
  • State-run entities: If you operate in one of the countries where Google allows only state-run entities, use this form. When completing the form:
    • In ‘Summary of the issue’: Note that you’re requesting certification to advertise as a state-run gambling entity, and provide your website URL.
    • In ‘Campaign name and Ad group name’: Enter N/A if you haven’t set up a campaign or ad group.
  • Social casino game operators: Use this form to submit your website URL or app, Google Ads customer ID, and the country group you are targeting.

You must submit a separate...

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