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Google SGE And Generative AI In Search: What To Expect In 2024 - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Friday, December 22, 2023 20:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Initially, the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) experiment in Labs was expected to “end” in December 2023. But with the latest redesign of the Google Labs website, many have noticed that the end date for SGE has disappeared.

What does this mean for Google SGE and the future of generative AI in search? Here’s what we know about Google SGE and what we can expect with generative AI in search for 2024.

Consumers Want AI-Powered Search

According to a survey of 2,205 adults in the United States, the AI-powered product that people are most interested in is search.

Also included in the list of AI products are AI-powered smart assistants, shopping recommendations, and ads. (Feb 2023)

Screenshot from Statista, December 2023

Over 25% Of Users Trust AI-Powered Search Results, Brand Recommendations, And Ads

The same survey revealed the level of trust that US adults have in AI-powered search regarding unbiased search results, recommended brands, and ad relevancy.

Also worth noting is that almost a third of AI-powered search users believe the results are factual.

29% Of Adults Would Switch To AI-Powered Search

Regarding the adoption of AI-powered search, 40% of millennials are willing to make the switch to an experience like Google SGE.

Google’s Biggest Priority: The Evolution Of Search With AI

During the Q2 earnings call in July, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described the evolution of search with generative AI as one of Google’s top priorities.

This quarter saw our next major...

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