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Google is working to streamline its search results, and SEO experts are urged to monitor the removal of features such as HowTo and FAQ rich results, said Google’s Gary Illyes. These modifications are not associated with the forthcoming launch of AI-driven search engine updates, but rather seek to create neater results and offer Google the chance to experiment with new features. As a result, website owners and marketers should be attentive and adapt their strategies accordingly to maintain their online visibility and ranking. Staying informed on Google’s continuous updates and implementing best practices will ensure that your content provides a seamless user experience and remains competitive in the search engine landscape.

Changes to search results

In a recent keynote, Illyes talked about the simplification of search results, referring to Google’s decision to discard elements deemed unhelpful by users. Instances of these changes include modifications to Featured Snippets in April and the recent removal of HowTo rich results, as well as a decrease in visibility for FAQ rich results. These adjustments aim to provide users with a more streamlined and efficient search experience, catering to their preferences and needs. Illyes emphasized that Google’s primary objective is to understand and satisfy users’ intent when using the search engine, and these changes are an ongoing effort to achieve that goal.

Content over features

SEOs are advised not to center their...

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