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Do Your Cosmetic Surgery Homework

Last updated Thursday, September 22, 2011 08:31 ET

Many patients start their research with a friend referral and a surgeon's results. But can you trust what you see?

Chattanooga, USA, 09/22/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

When patients start their research for cosmetic surgery, one of the first places the patient visits is a surgeon’s before and after gallery. We know the importance of the gallery, which is why we have a plethora of images to share with our potential patients — both online and in-office. We have more photos on our Web site than any of our competitors in North Georgia and Chattanooga. In addition, we know how crucial it is to present untouched photos so that the potential patient can have realistic expectations of their own surgical outcome.

“Because Dr. Nease and I have performed over 5,000 surgical cosmetic surgery cases combined, we have numerous photos to post to our before and after gallery,” said Chad Deal, MD. “Additionally, each photo is shot with our own cameras and are not touched up. We show real people with real results.” And real results are what patients look for when researching their procedure.

Plastic Surgery Practice recently wrote an article titled, Is It Photoshopped, or Is It Real? In the article, the author says that television commercials and even trade show booths selling a product will Photoshop images. We, at Southern Surgical Arts, want to assure our patients that none of our photos have been altered or PhotoShopped. Each picture you see in our before and after gallery is an actual patient. The images are real and untouched to provide you with realistic results. Additionally, each model that is shown on our Web site are actual patients. We do not use stock images to portray beauty that is not obtainable and that has often been altered.

When researching a cosmetic surgeon for breast surgery, body surgery or face surgery, you should demand to see before and after pictures of actual patients. And don’t just ask for two or three. Expect the surgeon to show you competence and consistency over his/her career. It’s not hard to find two or three images that show a surgeon’s best work. It is, however, difficult to show numerous cases that prove experience and education. At Southern Surgical Arts, our surgeons are highly qualified Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons who strive to give
you the best patient experience.

To make sure you hear it again, we DO NOT alter our before and after gallery images. So, feel free to peruse our gallery to see how our patients benefited from our expert surgeons.