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Mandrien Consulting Group Title Licensing Manual Well-Received

Last updated Wednesday, October 26, 2011 15:54 ET

Mandrien Consulting Group licensing manual, “The First Title Agent Licensing Manual,” has maintained brisk sales since its original publication.

New York, USA, 10/26/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

Mandrien Consulting Group’s title agent licensing manual, which was published last month, has been well received in the title and mortgage industries. Mandrien Consulting Group reports that the book, which provides a state-by-state guide to licensing and features practical tips and advice for agents and agencies, has been selling well.

Mandrien Consulting Group published the manual to fill a void in the title and mortgage industries. Alexander Crompton, director of corporate communications at Mandrien Consulting Group, explains, “Traditionally, title insurance was a strictly local affair. But times have changed—not only has the financial services industry consolidated, but new technology is making agencies more scalable than ever. Local agencies need to expand geographically to remain competitive, but in order to do so they must navigate a labyrinthine licensing process for each state. Unfortunately, the complete rules, regulations, and requirements are often scattered across dozens of law books and websites. This is quite a problem for agents—the slightest misstep in the licensing process can incur enormous fees and waste hours of time.”

Mr. Crompton continues: “At Mandrien Consulting Group, we have experience guiding agencies through strategic geographic expansions. We decided to transfer our intellectual capital into a handy guidebook. In addition to detailing the rules and regulations, we also addressed the pitfalls, shortcuts, and practical bits of wisdom we learned in the trenches.”

The guidebook’s first chapter is an introduction to the history and fundamentals of title insurance and title insurance licensure. It continues to give a state-by-state account of all the regulations pertinent to the licensure process. The book also features a robust appendix of terms both general and state-specific, as well as an easy-reference spreadsheet presenting the basic regulations for each jurisdiction.

To learn more about The First Title Agent Licensing Manual, visit the manual’s website, www.mandrienlicensingmanual.com.

About Mandrien Consulting Group:

Mandrien Consulting Group provides national title insurance licensing and compliance services, process optimization consultation, corporate strategic planning, and digital marketing for companies in the real estate services industry. Mandrien offers the practical and technical expertise those in the title industry need to remain competitive in an evolving market. In September of 2011, Mandrien Consulting Group published a nationwide guide to title insurance licensure.