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CT Photographer Exposes 5 Biggest Lies Told to Brides, So They Sign Contract

Last updated Monday, January 30, 2012 22:34 ET

Published, Award Winning, NY, wedding CT photographer exposes 5 biggest lies told to Brides and Grooms on a regular basis, just to get them to sign contract.

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As tax season quickly approaches, wedding industry professionals like CT photographer Steven Planck of Blue Sky Photography (http://www.blueskyphotographyny.com) and Jeff Padovani, owner of BookMoreBrides.com and BestHudsonValleyWeddingEver.com, located in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York in Dutches County, which reaches more than 10,000 brides a month through their online wedding articles and RSS feeds, will have a lot to be thankful for as they total their share from an estimated $125 billion dollar a year industry. In fact, as the countries per wedding cost rises north of $27,000, according to TheKnot.com, it's no wonder why every corner in America has a wedding professional standing on it, weddings are big business. But according to industry experts like wedding CT photographers like Steven Planck, as the number of wedding vendors increases, so are the lengths to which they're willing to go to get their share of the pie. According to Steve, the lengths to which some venders will go, will shock you.

"A lot of wedding photographers have little to no experience, no formal training, little, to no ethical or professional conduct, and no education in the history of the medium. It's sad, but I think a lot are chasing the wedding industry gravy train, because industry giants like Canon and Nikon have given them "P" permission," says Steve, a New York, CT Photographer based out of Wappingers Falls.

With over 2 million weddings estimated each year and Valentines day just around the corner, the wedding industry is gearing up as men everywhere will be "popping the question". Before you know it, glowing "brides to be" will be turning up at bridal shows and dinner parties announcing their big news and once the date is set, it's game on. The check book comes out and the real task of planning a wedding begins. With such a mountain to climb and so much noise amidst the wedding industry, here are the five biggest lies, told to brides every day, just to get them to sign a contract.

1) The claim is not that every wedding venue charges it wedding professionals to be on their "preferred" list of wedding professionals, rather that, according to CT photographer Steven Planck, who's personally photographed over 700 weddings, who's work has been seen locally and nationally, and has been in the business for ten plus years, he's never seen one that didn't. "The size of the fee depends on how close you are to NYC, but regardless of individual quality, good or bad, if the photographer you're talking to says he's a preferred vendor of a caterer, he / she has paid them to say that," says Steve. "It's just the way the industry works."

2) Be wary of online sites and message boards that post reviews of a wedding photographers performance and professional conduct, because it's not uncommon for the photographer, photographers wife or the photographer's friends to create online profiles and then start raving about how great they were to work with. "If you're on a message board, my suggestion is to disregard comments written by brides who don't have a profile picture or that were married in the 90ties. Trusting online reviews isn't always the safest thing to do, because you can't verify who's actually writing the review, the client or an employee," says wedding CT photographer Steve. "You don't know if it's a lie or the truth."

3) It's true that all the best, most popular vendors will book up quickly, but that doesn't mean that you should allow them to bully you into signing a contract. What happens is that they create an emotion of fear in you, citing that if you don't act now, someone else will. According to Steve, fear is a very powerful, psychological emotion. "Vendors use the fear button all the time. They make you think that by waiting to sleep on it and making an informed decision, that you'll loose out, which isn't the case," says Steve. In fact, both Jeff and Steve agree that the "fear button" is so commonly used that most brides aren't even aware that that's what's happening. "That feeling of fear is man made, because the vender is trying to get you to act on it," says wedding CT photographer Steven Planck. "Some larger wedding photography companies, who employ multiple photographers, tend to use this as a selling point, suggesting that by hiring them they'll always have a back up photographer in case the main photographer gets sick. While some of the smaller companies may say that they have someone else interested in the same date, again, all pushing that fear button."

4) Another of the biggest lies amidst the wedding industry is that having a wedding on your own property would be less expensive compared to a catering hall, when it fact, this isn't always the case. If you were to do a bare bones wedding, where you and your guests bring and prepare all the food, yeah, sure, maybe it should be less expensive, but if you're going to have a catered event, no way. "Estate weddings are some of my favorite ones to do, because I love being outdoors, but by time the bride and groom finish paying for the tented wedding, porta potties, off premise catering, generators, portable AC units, portable heating units, silver wear, tables, chairs, a removable dance floor, food and liquor, it all adds up to be more than what it would cost at local wedding venue," says Jeff. "The price tag rises very quickly when you have to deliver all of these things and then take them away when you're done."

5) One of the biggest, unexcusable lies told to brides every day just in order to get them to sign a contract, lies in the simple silly little word, "YES". It's so over used that it should be banned, jokes Steve. "It's very common for wedding professionals to yes a bride to death just so that she believes that she's getting what she wants, when in fact a DJ may not actually have her wedding song, or the photographer may not have ever been to that location. Venders have a tendency to say yes first, and then figure it out after the fact," says wedding CT photographer Steven Planck.

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