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Georgia.Arrests.org Deleted In 60 Min: Image Max Mugshot Removal

Last updated Tuesday, February 21, 2012 18:55 ET

Tyronne Jacques says Image Max Mugshot Removal can delete Georgia Arrests.org in less than 60 minutes

Atlanta, USA, 02/21/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Image Max Mugshot Removal Service (www.RemoveSlander.com) has just announced that they can now delete Georgia.Arrests.org Mugshots in less than 60 minutes.

Delete Mug Shot In ONE Hour – 1-888-821-7571

Mug Shot websites like Georgia.arrests.org are very aggressive in collecting and uploading recent arrest within the State of Georgia. The site has a growing data based which uploads a steady stream of new arrest from police web sites across the entire State of Georgia.

Image Max MugShot Removal Service is the leading Reputation Management firm operating in Georgia and has provided mug shot removal services for hundreds of clients since February of 2011. With a very aggressive legal team, Image Max has been successful in not only getting the mug shots of their clients deleted but also successful in getting Google to delete links associated with the mug shot websites.

Georgia.arrests.org is now uploading old arrest dating as far back as 1998, before the internet was entirely downloaded. A spokesperson for Image Max Mugshot Removal says that the major problem with the site pulling arrest from that far back is that many of the cases have long since been resolved. For this reason Image Max is now offering an Expedited service that works to remove their client’s mug shots within one hour.

Image Max Mugshot Removal now offers a 100% money back guarantee that states they will delete the mug shot from Georgia.arrests.org or the clients are issued an unconditional refund. Remove Slander.com is the registered domain of Image Max PR.

Tyronne Jacques the author of How To Fight Google And Win says that For-Profit Mug Shot web sites are here to stay unless legislators step in.

“What we are witnessing here is the worst side of the internet in which public records are being exploited for profit. Sites like Georgia.arrests.org are cashing in on the unfortunate circumstances of everyday people, which makes it very challenging to move forward from a very difficult period in life. “

If you would like to have your mug shot deleted in one hour from Georgia.arrests.org then please visit http://www.imagemaxpr.com/How-To-Remove-Georgia-Arrestsorg.html