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How To Remove A Mugshot From Google: RemoveSlander.com Takes On Mugshot Website

Last updated Tuesday, November 6, 2012 08:34 ET

How to remove my mugshot from Google - RemoveSlander.com now offers nationwide mugshot removeal services.

New York, USA, 11/06/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

The mugshot posting business has boomed in the last 16 months due to the easily accessible public mugshots that are posted online by Sheriff’s Departments all across the country. It is now clear that law enforcement and State legislators were caught completely off guard by the “Mugshot Loophole” that has resulted in millions mugshots landing in the hands opportunistic For-Profit websites owner who are no cashing in on Public Records.

The cacophony of outrage has become deafening and intense as mugshot websites victims reach out to the courts in an attempt to have their booking photos removed from Google, only to find a less than sympatric Judicial system. In some cases County Sheriffs have actually applauded the redistribution of mugshot photos taken in their correctional facilities, and have attributed the mugshot websites to their list of crime fighting resources.

Such was the case of a Louisiana Sheriff in who has an active policy of posting mugshots photos regardless of the severity of the offense.

Kip Judice, captain at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana, told ABC News that arrests and mug shots are public information for the public good, though he would not support "personally or professionally" sites that use profiling to target those who have been arrested.

His sheriff's office has posted mug shots online since 2006.

"I think it arms people with more information, which is always a good thing. If that information is taken in a good common sense manner to know your neighbor has done something you may be able to do something to better protect yourself.”

Tyronne Jacques author of How To Fight Google and win says that the cure for the mugshot problem is actually very simply once Police department discontinue the practice.

At the exact moment the sheriff departments discontinue the practice of posting mugshots on their websites and local newspapers, this problem will go away overnight.”

RemoveSlander.com offers a services to remove mugshots from Google, Yahoo, and Bing for a cost of $399. Until a law is passed to block the redistributing of public records, RemoveSlander.com appears to be the only guaranteed relief for mugshot victims.

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