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Online Legal Forms wesbite Reaches MileStone

Last updated Wednesday, March 14, 2012 18:14 ET

EasyAgreements.com's online legal documents blog reaches 50

Mission Viejo , USA, 03/14/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Mission Viejo, CA March 14, 2012

Online Legal Forms company EasyAgreements.com is pleased to announce the release of its 50th blog post. The online legal documents provider offers cost-effective solutions for a wide array of different legal categories, and uses its blog presence as a venue to communicate with its customers. In very little time, the blog team has begun generating a buzz few would expect from such a service.

“It doesn’t sound like a hard job to write about this these things until you actually have to do it. Not only that, but it’s really hard to get people to read a blog for online legal documents and online legal forms unless it has some entertaining or engaging content. That’s where the real challenge comes in,” said one of the blog team members. “When you pull it off, though, it’s a great feeling.”

EasyAgreements.com uses its blog to bring various products to the forefront of the public’s attention, as well as provide an opportunity to open the floor to any questions or comments anyone has with that product through online legal forms and online legal documents. Several entries per week are posted on the blog, each covering one of many different online legal forms in a completely unique post. The team has been aggressively producing content for the blog in the hopes that it will continue to generate more interest and interaction with potential customers and the public at large.

In recent years, services like EasyAgreements.com have seen an increase in popularity as the economy continues to struggle. People are finding that the majority of their legal paperwork is easy to fill out and now are choosing to eschew the additional expense of hiring a lawyer to draft their documents for economic and convenience purposes alike. Unlike similar services, though EasyAgreements.com wants to keep an open, active, continuing dialog about it's line of online legal forms with its users.

“I was actually unaware we were approaching the fifty post milestone until one of the staff had mentioned it to me during a meeting,” said fellow blogger and content manager Scott Cahill. “It is a testament to not only the quality and platform of our website but also to the users and readers of the blog. Online legal forms and online legal documents aren’t quite as sexy as food blogs and aren’t quite as opinionated as political commentary blogs, so to see we are reaching that milestone is a proud achievement for all of us. ”

The EasyAgreements.com blog team is feverishly producing content to reach its next milestone.

“Our goal is to hit 100 posts in the next three to four months,” said Cahill. “We are taking it day by day, though, and enjoying this victory until tomorrow, when we will once again be coming up with more blog content involving Irrevocable Proxy forms and Pet Custody Agreements.”

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