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A Practical Planner Helps Burdened Moms Find Their Reason For The Holiday Season

Last updated Thursday, November 1, 2012 16:02 ET

A new book makes it easy for people, especially over-extended moms, to remember their joy of the season regardless of which holidays they are celebrating.

Los Angeles, USA, 11/01/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Los Angeles, CA--November 1, 2012--The end of the year can reap chaos on fragile budgets and strained relationships making some people list January 2nd as their new favorite holiday: Holiday Recuperation Begins. A new book makes it easy for people, especially over-extended moms, to find and remember their joy of the season whether they are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Eid al-Adha, Dia de los Muertos or just family sharing. The GUIDED Holiday Plan is an organizer to help busy parents stay on top of the festivities and save money in the process. At the core of the holiday celebrations is the theme of connecting the human experience that is often forgotten as people try to emulate on-screen families. By remembering their favorite traditions and foods, parents of wide-eyed children can create memories to last a lifetime. “Supermoms” can record upcoming potlucks on the seasonal calendar or prepare for holiday events. The lists include suggestions to prepare for the Thanksgiving meal, home entertaining and family volunteering. The GUIDED Holiday Plan is available starting November 1, 2012 for $24.95.

Nowadays, there is so much pressure on the heads of the household to create the perfect celebration that a request to buy the eggnog could push someone over the edge. The demands of the season have stretched budgets and nerves to the point where people are opting out of the festivities. This guide helps avoid the typical stressors and sheds light on what the season is all about! The GUIDED Holiday Plan can be used to coordinate attending religious services with family and friends; organize who is contributing to the Thanksgiving feast; or simply to pause during the day to list a gratitude moment.

“I created the GUIDED Holiday Plan with busy moms in mind so they can plan the logistics and enjoy the outcome”, said Melanie Rae, an author, speaker and curricula designer. “They can steer clear of the crushing wave of desperate shoppers to spend more meaningful time with the families.”

The GUIDED Holiday Plan is available at www.guidedholidayplan.com. Melanie Rae, founder of Guided Business Plan, simplifies the holiday planning process. Her entrepreneur-education firm licenses training materials to business development centers to conduct effective and interactive workshops that inspire people to create an action plan. Their GUIDED Business Launch Help Desk provides weeks of personalized mentoring to inspire transitional and recent retirees to launch a business. New and existing entrepreneurs may use the GUIDED Business Plan and GUIDED Social Media Plan workbooks to create strategic growth plans. These books are available at www.guidedbusinessplan.com. For more information contact 888.523.5244.