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More Elderly Individuals Will Receive Home Care Services Thanks to AIDECAST

Last updated Monday, August 24, 2020 23:59 ET

AIDECAST is a web application for Home Care Agencies to post Home Care Jobs in hard to service areas for FREE! The HHA Registration process is designed to help identify highly skilled HHA's by region.

New York, NY, 08/24/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

AIDECAST was founded in 2020 by Esteban Ortiz to help home care agencies solve a major problem within the home care industry, service all individuals that qualify for and need home care services regardless of where the client resides and physical condition of the client.  

With over 15 years of experience in the home care industry, Esteban has helped thousands of families secure the highest level of care for aging relatives, many of which initially went without home care services for months while under the care of previous home care agencies simply because clients reside in very difficult to service areas or physical conditions being too much of a challenge for the aides the home care agencies were assigning to care for the client.  Unfortunately, many clients that rely on home care agencies to provide care for them experience going without services for weeks, resulting in those individuals going without meals, water, medication, personal hygiene, and so much more, only to eventually end up being bounced around from agency to agency, hospitalized or worst.

Quite often, Home Health Aides are assigned to cases by service coordinators at the home care agencies that are too advanced for the aide or simply too far.  These commons mistakes increase the risk of injuries to the client, lost revenue to home care agencies, and home care agencies unable to retain clients and home health aides.   

Now more than ever that the world has experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, many home care agencies have struggled to retain their existing home health aide personnel and hiring new HHA's that meet the requirements needed to best service their clients has proven to be even more of a challenge.  AIDECAST was designed to help home care agencies bridge the gap between the clients they serve and the skilled home health aides that reside in the cities of those clients.  By simply posting home care assignments each home care agency has for free on AIDECAST, home care agencies will now be able to evaluate all applicants by skills, experience, language and location before contacting the applicant for remote on-boarding and hiring.  

Our HHA Registration process is in-depth,thorough, and extracts the details needed to successfully identify and pair clients with HHA's that reside nearby to reduce travel time and that possess the necessary skills required for the job.  In addition, all home health aides that register with AIDECAST will have the opportunity to review all available cases from every home care agency in their area so that the aide can apply only to the jobs they believe they are the best match for based on required skills, location, and schedule.

Any home care agency that is looking to improve the level of care for their clients, interested in increasing their census while reducing cost, and willing to provide a tool for their service coordinators that will make their jobs easier, faster, and allow service coordinators to be more productive while focusing on client care and customer service, is encouraged to try AIDECAST.  

Thank you,

Esteban Ortiz