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Breast Cancer Survivors Are Paying 99% Too Much To Feel More Feminine

Last updated Thursday, November 29, 2012 02:00 ET

A Huge Breast Cancer Survivor Injustice is Preventing 399 Breast Cancer Survivors From Receiving Charity Support for Every One That Does

Riverside, United States of America, 11/29/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Pals Breast Forms are comprised of a lifelike gel that perfectly mimics breast tissue, Pals are not silicone goo in a delicate bag. Pals Breast Forms last over 10 years, not just 6 months! Pals provide superior realism, and comfort, for ONE QUARTER of 1% of the cost of price gouging alternatives!

Expensive, and delicate alternative breast forms can't even help charities support ONE woman for 10 years with $10,000. With $10,000 spent on Pals, charities can help OVER 400 WOMEN, for OVER 10 YEARS! A million dollars spent on alternative silicone forms helps ONLY 83.3 survivors for 10 years. If a charity spent 1 million dollars on Pals Breast Forms, instead of helping just 83.3 survivors, they could help 40,000 survivors feel more feminine for over 10 years! It is hard to imagine things getting twice as good overnight, but now knowing the level of injustice breast cancer survivors are facing, things could be 400 times better for survivors overnight, if this info just gets out there.

Super Gel, manufacturers of Pals Breast Forms, is an American company, based in California. Driven for over 17 years by the encouraging, passionate feedback of their fans, Super Gel lovingly welcomes all breast cancer survivors and supporters to the Pals family. Pals have been refused to be sold by some major players in the breast form market because they are said to be "INDESTRUCTIBLE", and "TOO INEXPENSIVE". Pals need all the help they can get to keep those out to suppress the awareness of the best option from further manipulating the pocketbooks of Breast Cancer Survivors. For Pals info visit www.supergelproducts.com

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