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Elite Men’s Care Announces Limited Time Price Reduction on Shaving Brush

Last updated Monday, July 8, 2013 17:20 ET

Shaving Brush price drastically reduced for Amazon customers only. Elite Men's Care Products' premium badger hair shaving brush.

Palm Springs, USA, 07/08/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Elite Men’s Care Products, a global provider of men’s care accessories, is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, the price of their best badger hair shaving brush has been drastically reduced from $49.95 to $14.95. Elite’s shaving brush special is exclusively for Amazon customers.

“For a short time, we’ve slashed the price of our high end Best Badger Shaving Brush. We’ve done so to insure that as many people as possible recognize, through experience, that our company stands by our commitment to be the best. It is worth it to us to reduce our margins in the short term. The bottom line is, we’re not only committed to being the best, but we’re committed to being recognized as the best. In order to do so, we need to reach as many customers as possible.” ~ Michael Travis, CEO Elite Products Unlimited

About Elite Men’s Care Products “Best” Badger Hair Shaving Brush?

Elite’s "Best" badger hair offers a significant improvement in feel and quality over average shaving brushes which are usually of "Pure" grade badger hair or regular boar’s hair. Best badger hair has superior water absorbing characteristics over pure badger hair or boar’s hair, making it an ideal shaving brush for maximizing lather and exfoliation

Also, Elite Men’s Products offers the quality one would expect from a shaving brush priced well above the $80 dollar mark. Below are some of the ways that Elite’s Products stand out from even higher priced competition:

• Hand Crafted With 100% “Best” Badger Hair
• Premium Bristle Quality For Amazing Lather
• Gently Exfoliates the Skin Preparing For Closest Possible Shave
• Highest Standard In Durability With Greater Water Retention
• Beautiful Black Wood Finish

What Customers Are Saying

“From the moment I started to lather the soap onto my face, I could feel a difference. It's like my facial hair was softened for the shave and though I used the same conventional razor I'd always used, I felt little resistance on every swipe. I'll never go back to regular shaving cream. If you're interested in a great badger hair shaving brush, Elite's is the way to go. Definitely out performed my expectations. “~ Billy G, Elite Men’s Care Customer

“This best badger hair brush is a lot less expensive than all the other best grade badger hair brushes I looked at - actually about half the price so extremely happy customer here! Would recommend it to friends. I should also mention that because of this brush, I am now getting the closest shave ever!” – Mark Williamson, Elite Men’s Care Customer

Elite Men’s Care Products was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on introducing unique products for men and women – products of the finest quality at prices that make sense. Eventually the line will expand beyond the best badger hair shaving brush and into travel accessories and other lines as well. Elite Men’s Care Product’s shaving brush is currently available exclusively on Amazon.com.

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